About Us

The Utah Apartment Association (UAA) is a non-profit trade association designed to protect, educate, connect, and grow the rental industry in the state of Utah. We represent over 2,500 landlords and over 105,000 units. Our members range from basement apartment owners, to large international management companies. If you are in any way involved with the rental housing industry we invite you to discover how membership with the UAA can help you and your business.


Elevating the standards of the rental housing profession through ethics, legislative advocacy, education, and networking.


The Utah Apartment Association is Utah's leading advocate and resource for the owners, real estate professionals, developers, management teams, suppliers, and service providers dedicated to quality rental housing.



Advocate The UAA serves as the voice and advocate of the rental housing community. We help create fair and reasonable standards within the industry, and help cultivate and fund relationships to enhance the quality of rental housing within the state and country.


For over 85 years the UAA has been a knowledge center for those in the housing profession. We offer several designations and certification programs in addition to our resources and training on: ethics, cutting edge information, and best practices


Those who participate with the association often discover opportunities to interact with those in the housing industry. We facilitate networking through world class events, professional education, and innovative partnership with associate partners


Our goal is to help grow rental housing as an industry, profession, and personal endeavor. Our resources, forms, screening services, and other member tools allow for both company and individual growth