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HVAC 101

Fundamentals of A/C, Electrical Components, & Charging with Sub Oil and Super-heat

Tuesday, August 27
9:00AM - 12:00PM
230 w. towne ridge pkwy #175, Sandy, Utah

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Class cost $35
EPA exam offered after the class cost $95


Home Depot Pro will be proctoring a testing period immediately after the class for EPA 608 Technician Certification.  

The testing session will have a time limit of 2.5 hours. (Most students complete the test in approx 60 minutes.)

Maintenance personnel need this certification to work with any type of refrigerant. In the test, there are four sections, 25 questions each:

  1. - Type I – for servicing small appliances
  2. - Type II- for servicing or disposing of high or very high pressure appliances, except small appliances and MVAC’s
  3. - Type III – for servicing or disposing of low-pressure appliances
  4. - Universal - for servicing all types of equipment

Students may test individually for each section or test for all sections. 

Please note that if the student fails one section but passes the others, they do not have to retake the passed portions of the test. For example, if they just want the Type II and Universal and end up just passing the Type II, they can retake only the Universal portion in order to get their desired certification. All test scores are tracked by social security number with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so everything is accredited accordingly.

It is highly recommend to study prior to testing. Please download this STUDY GUIDE . Students are also highly encouraged to spend some time watching the preparation courses on YouTube and taking practice testing.  The ESCO institute also has great practice tests that they may view here: