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How to Advertise my Rental and Find a Good Tenant: Utah Landlord Advice

Posted by on December 23rd, 2015

Our topic today is effectively advertising to find good renters. One of the most basic aspects of being a landlord is finding a good renter. We recommend several sources for advertising.


First, always have a sign on your property. This is especially important if you live in a high traffic area and people are driving by. Signs can be very effective. Don’t just post a sign that says “For Rent” and then lists your phone number. Add details. “For Rent 2 Bedrooms $800” is much better. If there is enough room on the sign, include information on amenities such as a garage, hardwood floors and other details. That attracts and impresses renters. Also, people looking for a one bedroom unit or a four bedroom home won’t call and waste your time.

Online Advertising

An online advertising presence is extremely necessary. There are many ways to get online and some of the sites you want to use are free and others are not. You could list your rental on,, and There is also,, and many other sites. Get online and get exposure for your property. Put pictures on your online ad as well. Fill out completely the features and benefits of the home you have to offer. Include good notes that describe your area and the property. If there are nine foot ceilings or the place is next to a scenic creek, say that. Put all your features there.

Response Time

Call people back quickly. Better yet, make sure you answer your phone. If someone can always answer calls, you will successfully convert an interested lead into a viewer. Your goal is to get them into the property. Set up a meeting or send them over so they can tour the property. Once they have seen it, make an invitation to apply. Even if you think they won’t make a good renter or something about them bothers you, you have to treat everyone equally. Once they apply, you then have the opportunity to screen and select.

A good sign and an online advertising presence are essential to being successful. If you have any questions, contact us at Utah Apartment Association or attend one of our property management training sessions.

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