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How you can support the PAC

Posted by on August 15th, 2016

PAC 2016
The UAAPAC is what makes your voice heard. It is UAA members that drive the political affairs committee that in turn make your life better. The UAAPAC funds political campaigns that are friendly to our organization. This is how we make sure the politicians know we exist. When challenges arise for our members we already have the relationship with these leaders that would not exist if it was not for our PAC. Maintaining these relationships is critical to the UAA even when no danger is lurking on the horizon. You never know when an Executive Directive, an Administrative Rule change, a proposed law or any other issue that may not have been a problem yesterday, can start creating substantial hardships today.

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Industry Circle -UAAPAC Donation $250

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Donate by mail and send checks to:
UAAPAC, Utah Apartment Association, 448 E Winchester #460, Salt Lake City, UT 84107

You may also call and make donations over the phone at 801-487-5619.
To learn more about the UAAPAC or make a cash donation visit


What Utah Could Be Without UAAPAC? Here are a sample of laws from other states which UAA legislative efforts and UAAPAC helped to prevent from coming here.

COLORADO - Carbon monoxide detectors are required in all rental units, with owners being held responsible for their maintenance and liable if they do not work. This bill was passed in 2009, yet at the same time in Utah, the UAAPAC helped pass a bill that put the expense and liability on the tenants, not the owner.

ARIZONA - Most cities charge sales tax on all rents. Not only does this tax push rents lower by making tax a cost of housing, but it requires monitoring and collection by all property managers. Many property managers had to hire an additional full-time person to deal with collection and handling of sales taxes on rent.

CALIFORNIA - Sex offenders are a protected class. In some municipalities, there are as many as seven additional protected classes, which creates more potential for lawsuit. For Californians, it is illegal to deny tenants because they are sex offenders and are on the sex-offense registry.

INDIANA - Many municipalities charge $100/unit for an annual inspection, collecting millions of dollars off the backs of property managers. In Utah, the UAA helped pass legislation that prohibits cities from charging fees to inspect rental units.

Invest in your industry. Invest in your future. As Utah’s leading advocate for the rental housing industry NOW is the time to act and not be acted upon. Here are five reason to donate to the UAAPAC.

1 - Keeping landlord/tenant rights balanced
We believe rights should be equal which means judicial (court) remedies should be equally required and available. UAAPAC has helped speed up evictions times from 45 down to 25 days to provide more balance.

2 - Preventing sales tax on rent
Some surrounding states require property managers to collect sales tax on rent, an administrative nightmare that also makes housing less affordable.

3 - Preventing excessive fees
UAAPAC has worked to ban inspections fees, reduce business license fees, and has fought any fee created to take more of your hard earned income.

4 - Stopping unnecessary regulations
UAAPAC fights unnecessary regulations by proactively pushing laws that limit what government can regulate. Examples include preventing regulation on sub-metering and who must pay utilities, preventing application fee bans, and preventing funding city staff off property inspections.

5 - Preventing a sales tax on services
Almost every year, government officials propose a 6-7% tax on property management services as well as the services property managers use, such as legal services and advertising. UAAPAC works to protect you from such a law.

The time to act is now. Join us at the 2016 UAAPAC Luncheon, Landlord Legal Cruise, and The Day at the Hill. To learn more about the UAAPAC or make a cash donation visit


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