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August General Membership Meeting

Posted by taylor on August 24th, 2016

You won't want to miss this month's General Membership Meeting! This month's class will cover renting to pets and landscaping.

August 23rd, 7-8 PM (UAA Headquarters, 448 E Winchester #460)

Occupancy Standards

Landlords across the country and in Utah are suddenly finding themselves in hot water for discrimination when all they did was set what they thought was a "reasonable" occupancy limit for their apartment. This month we will talk about how you can protect yourself from a potential lawsuit and still protect your property from becoming overcrowded by setting up appropriate occupancy standards.

Deposit Dispositions

One of the most frequent sources of tension between landlords and tenants has to do with what happens to the deposit. Make sure you understand and follow the law regarding deposits, and learn how to explain the process to tenants so that they are less likely to cause a problem for you in the future.

Pest Control for Landlords

Handling pests is always a tricky situation as a landlord. Why are they in your rental? Who pays to get rid of them? And how can you prevent them in the future? Come talk about what you can do to prevent and remove pests.


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