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Developing New Rules to Deal with Meth Contamination

Posted by taylor on August 31st, 2016

We need your help to make sure that your perspective is represented as the State Health Department drafts new rules governing what to do if a property is deemed to be contaminated with Meth.

The Utah Apartment Association, Utah Board of Realtors, and the Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore sit on a committee that is reviewing the issues of Meth contamination in the State of Utah. The vast majority of this committee is made up of County Health Departments, State Department of Health, and Meth Remediation Companies.


The real estate and apartment industries were asked to assist in some real examples of costs related to meth contamination.

Any community that has had a meth issue in the last few years should contact either Kirk Cullimore ( or Paul Smith ( What we need from you is the following relating to problems and costs:

  1. How did you discover the meth contamination?
  2. Did the County Health Department get involved?
  3. Who did the meth testing and who did the remediation?
  4. What was the cost of the remediation?
  5. What other costs were there relating to the meth contamination?  (Maintenance costs, testing costs, etc.)
  6. How much money (rent) was lost due to the unit being contaminated?
  7. Was there any other "effects" of the meth contamination (viz. other tenants move, problems with staff, etc.)

It is critical that we gather this information as quickly as possible. We have a meeting in the middle of September that will be asking about it. Please email any responses you may have.


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