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The Road Home

Posted by taylor on September 14th, 2016
The Road Home

The Utah Apartment Association recently received the following letter we were asked to share with you from Salt Lake County regarding a new initiative.

"Dear Salt Lake County landlord:

Salt Lake County is working with a broad spectrum of our community to provide housing solutions that meet the needs of all members of our community, including landlords.

This year, the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City and private donors have joined forces in an unprecedented way.  I’m reaching out to you to ask for your help and to share a specific program that offers benefits to all stakeholders.

Salt Lake County is collaborating on a new initiative with The Road Home. With support from private funders, The Road Home will offer a temporary subsidy with services for individuals who are currently living in the shelter or on the streets.  Each of these individuals will have a dedicated case manager to help them gain income to cover the full cost of their rent over time. The will receive assistance with the cost of moving into housing, getting and keeping jobs that cover the cost of their rent, and ongoing case management to help smooth their transition to self-sufficiency. Wherever possible, the program will also match individuals with roommates to help make housing even more affordable.

Landlords are an important stakeholder in housing solutions and we want to work with you to ensure that the initiative works for everyone. I believe that participating in this program will offer a benefit to property owners like you. Rent money is supplemented for a time period, there is a low turnover in tenants, and dedicated case managers can be called on should issues with tenants arise. We know that the solution must work for everyone involved with short- and long-term housing solutions in order for our community to be a leader in successfully addressing the issue.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, please contact Michelle Flynn at The Road Home at (801) 330-1824 or by email at

The Utah way is for everyone to come together on a solution that benefits our community. I look forward to having you as a valued partner in that effort.


Ben McAdams
Salt Lake County Mayor"


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