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Why you should donate to the UAA PAC

Posted by taylor on September 21st, 2016

Why you should donate to the UAA PAC

One of the most important functions of the UAA is representing your interests and rights to governments around the state. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should consider donating to the UAA PAC to ensure that we can continue to fulfill this vital mission.

1 - Keeping landlord/tenant rights balanced

We believe rights should be equal which means judicial (court) remedies should be equally required and available for both parties. We aren’t asking to make the laws “pro-landlord” at the tenants because that will inevitably create a backlash. All we ask is to be treated fairly and let the facts (which are usually pro-landlord) speak for themselves.

2 - Preventing sales tax on rent

Some surrounding states require property managers to collect sales tax on rent, an administrative nightmare that also makes housing less affordable.

3 - Preventing excessive fees

UAAPAC has worked to ban inspections fees, reduce business license fees, and has fought any fee created to take more of your hard earned income.

4 - Stopping unnecessary regulations

UAAPAC fights unnecessary regulations by proactively pushing laws that limit what government can regulate. Examples include preventing regulation on sub-metering and who must pay utilities, preventing application fee bans, and preventing funding city staff off property inspections.

5 - Preventing a sales tax on services

Almost every year, government officials propose a 6-7% tax on property management services as well as the services property managers use, such as legal services and advertising. UAAPAC works to protect you from such a law.

No matter what kind of rental homes you have or how many you have, the UAA is here to help you. Let’s all work together to make sure it stays that way.

To learn more about the UAA PAC click here.

To find out more details about the upcoming PAC Luncheon and how you can get involved, click here.


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