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Salt Lake City Housing Authority News and Information

Posted by taylor on October 18th, 2016

The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City Board of Commissioners recently hired Daniel Nackerman as Executive Director for the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City and President of the Housing Development Corporation and Housing Assistance Management Enterprise.

He is replacing Terry Feveryear who is retiring after 36 years in the housing industry; with 33 years at the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City. Terry has served in various capacities, with the past three years as Executive Director.

Mr. Nackerman has worked for various housing authorities for over 26 years with sixteen of those years as an Executive Director. He most recently served as the Executive Director for the County Housing Authority of San Bernardino, California, the largest provider of affordable housing in the country with over 10,000 units owned/managed.

Chair Philip Bernal states, “I feel very positive about Dan Nackerman serving as the new Executive Director for the agency.”

The Housing Authority of Salt Lake is the largest housing authority in Utah with 1,572 units and over 2600 Section 8 Vouchers. The agencies newest development is scheduled to open in November at 444 South 900 East.

With the hiring on a new Executive Director at HASLC, we thought we would share some information about housing authorities in general and the Salt Lake City Housing Authority in particular.

General Info

There are 3,200 housing authorities in the US. HASLC is a median sized one that:

  • Houses 9,000 low income Utahans
  • Owns and operates over 1,600 units
  • Administers 2,700 vouchers
  • Has a $36 million budget with reserves of $7.6 million
  • 66% of funds from federal govt, 34% from own revenues local/state (much lower reliance on feds than most HA’s
  • Has for every year in past 8 received $800 k decrease in federal funding
  • 107 employees
  • Unique among housing authorities because it has robust real estate development, non-profit, and do veterans and homeless housing


Recent Changes

  • Has assigned a single point of contact for landlord issues (contact UAA for more info)
  • Stopped doing automatic chargebacks if disputed
  • Creating an appeal process when landlords disagree with HA ruling
  • Joined the Utah Apartment Association as full members representing 1,600 owned units

“We are really pleased with the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City. Under the leadership of their new director they have become a full partner with and are now very responsive to rental operators. We are looking forward to a new era with HASLC and appreciate their willingness to work with us,” Kirk Cullimore Jr, UAA Government Affairs Committee Chair.


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