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Big Changes to the Ogden Good Landlord Program

Posted by taylor on October 26th, 2016
Big Changes to the Ogden Good Landlord Program
We have been asked by Ogden City to make sure all our members are aware of some updates to the Ogden Good Landlord Program.

If you have questions, please call 801-487-5619 or email

Here is the letter from Ogden City:



Dear Ogden City Landlord:

Effective October 1, 2016, Ogden City and Adult Probation and Parole are participating in a pilot waiver program to allow a landlord whose property is licensed under Ogden’s good landlord incentive program to rent to an individual who would otherwise not qualify to reside in such property due to the individual presently being on probation or parole or due to his or her criminal background. 

An individual presently on probation or parole who desires to reside in a good landlord property must obtain a waiver from Ogden City business licensing.  A landlord desiring to rent to a waiver tenant must contact business licensing to confirm the validity of the waiver prior to entering into a lease agreement with that individual.  

This pilot program recognizes the goal of the Utah legislature, through adoption of the Utah Justice Reinvestment Initiative, to maintain secure communities, while recognizing the risks and treatment needs of individual offenders.

For more information about the pilot waiver program, please contact: Ogden City business licensing, 801-629-8687, or go to:


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