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2017 UAA Landlord Guide

Posted by taylor on November 21st, 2016
2017 UAA Landlord Guide

The UAA has just published our 2017 Landlord Guide. The purpose of this book is to provide you the tools to understand basic landlord/tenant law and best practices that will help them be more successful, and provide better services and options to your tenants and the community.

Roughly one out of three people in Utah rent their housing. There are about 300,000 rental units in Utah. Managing, leasing, maintaining and servicing tenants directly employs thousands of Utahans, and thousands more are contracted with to provide additional services to the over 100,000 buildings containing residential renters. Without people like you who are willing to invest their time, money and effort into rental housing our state’s economy and society would not function. You should be proud of your tremendous impact!

Each year the UAA spends considerable time and effort working to make sure your interests are represented and that you are aware of any changes to state or federal law, industry best practices, court procedures or city regulations. As such, there are several notable changes to the 2017 Guide, including:

  • New Federal Fair Housing Guidelines regarding renting to people with a Criminal History      
  • Information on how to understand a handle potential Methamphetamine contamination
  • How to set rent and understand market conditions
  • New Eviction Court Procedures
  • Update on Familial Status protections under the Fair Housing Act
  • “10 Biggest Mistakes Landlords Make, and how to avoid them”         
  • “Just Cause” evictions for tenants receiving Government Assistance
  • Running Background Checks using a “Tax Identification Number” instead of a Social Security Number
  • Explaining Tenant’s Rights & Responsibilities
  • Changes to the Ogden Good Landlord Program

We are excited to provide this resource to our members. If you would like to get a copy of this book please email to request that one be mailed to you.


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