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2017 Board Member Candidates

Posted by paul on November 22nd, 2016

Each year the Apartment Association Nominating Committee, comprised of three past board chairs, presents a slate of candidates for the upcoming year’s board and executive committee. This year the nominating committee was comprised of Cheri Goss, Steve Randall and Gloria Froerer. In addition Peter Harradine, the 2016 Chair of the Board, was heavily involved.

In 2017 there will be 33 board members – 13 represent apartment management companies, 10 are vendors and 10 are independent owners or single family residential property managers.

As always, we are very excited about the quality of individuals who have volunteered to serve on the UAA board and direct your association. The candidates will be ratified at the annual meeting on November 29th at 7:00 PM in the UAA Training Room. Below is the Slate of Candidates who have been nominated:

Proposed 2017-2018 Terms

Carol Morris, Triton Investments

Cheri Goss, Mission Rock

Chris Williamson, The Sellers Group

Clint Garner, Ameritrue Real Estate

Craig Johnson, SegoLily Apartments

Dan Davis, Redi Carpet


Gloria Froerer, Froerer Century 21 

Holly Sanford, Cowboy Properties

Jenny Bradley, ICO

Jeremiah Maughan, Vision Real Estate

Jeremy Palmer, For Rent Media Solutions

Jeremy Shorts, Utah Eviction Law

Joanna Kerr, EMG

Judi Morrell, United Bond

Kelly Hunsaker, Fit Logistics

Kirk Cullimore, Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore

Lisa Ngu, Rentler

Rich Wilcox, PPG Paints

Sheri Martin, Cornerstone

Troy Burnett, ManageCo

Associate Members Chair 2017 Chair

Brent Rasmussen, Western Reporting*

*The Associate Member Committee Chair is elected by the Associate Member committee for a one year term.

Current 2016-2017 Terms

Brad Randall, Welch Randall

Danae Mollerup, TREO

Dawn Sandberg, Apartment Guide

Jayme Buhlman, Greystar*

Jean Smith, Staker Property Mgmt.*

Joe Berger, BMG

Matthew Ledingham, Ledingham Properties

Nikki Meadows, Action Property Mgmt

Pat Morse, Wasatch Premier Communities

Peter Harradine, Harman Property Mgmt.*

Robert Watson, WSI

Travis Baker, Alliance Residential

*UAA bylaws term limit board members to no more than two consecutive 2-year terms. However, members serving on the executive committee are exempt from term limits.

2017 Executive Committee

Past Chair:            Cheri Goss, Mission Rock

2017 Chair:           Peter Harradine, Harman Property Management

Vice Chair:            Jayme Buhlman, Greystar

Treasurer:             Matthew Ledingham, Ledingham Properties

Secretary:             Jean Smith, Staker Properties Management

Legacy Member:     Gloria Froerer, Froerer Century 21*

Government Affairs Chair:        Kirk Cullimore Jr., Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore


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