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The 4 Values of the Utah Apartment Association

Posted by taylor on December 19th, 2016
The 4 Values of the Utah Apartment Association

By Peter Harradine
2017 UAA Board Chair

I recently had the privilege of being reelected for another year as the UAA Board Chair. I am grateful for the continued opportunity to serve, and to the other board members, volunteers, staff and members who make the association work.

A few weeks ago during a planning session the UAA adopted the following four values as the ideals that inspire and animate the association. I feel like it important to share these values so that the members can understand how we intend to serve their interests.

1 - Passionate about Rental Housing Success

We are high energy, passionate about serving people and doing our best work. We aren’t apathetic, low energy, or negative people – we want passion, channeled to serve the rental housing industry.

2 – Connecting & Engaging People

We like people and want to connect and engage with others and help them to connect and engage with each other. We enjoy meeting and working with others and facilitating connections.

3 – Adapting quickly in a Changing World

We can adapt, accommodate, move quickly and embrace and not resist constant change. We contribute ideas but ultimately move in the direction chosen by the organization. We also need to be able to let go and move forward.

4 – World class Resources & programs

We take pride in developing and maintaining the highest quality and most relevant resources and programs in a timely manner. We recognize our mission to advocate, educate and connect in the advancement of the industry.

Moving forward in 2017

As we look to the future we anticipate that we will continue to face numerous challenges and opportunities. But whatever may come, you can rest assured that working together we will continue to fulfill our mission to be “Utah’s leading advocate and resource for the owners, real estate professionals, developers, management teams, suppliers and service providers dedicated to quality rental housing.”


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