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Warning! Scam Targets Utah Rental Businesses

Posted by taylor on December 19th, 2016
Warning! Scam Targets Utah Rental Businesses

A while ago the UAA received a call from one of our members asking about a letter they had received from “the Labor Regulatory Compliance Office” saying that they owed $285.00 in order to avoid prosecution. In includes “notices” about the requirement of employers to post information informing business to inform employees of their rights – or face a fine up to $17,000. The member was confused since he is just a landlord and doesn’t have any employees. It sounded fishy, so we referred him to the Utah Labor Commission, and told him it sounded like a scam but he should check to make sure.

After doing some research we have figured out how this scam works. There are indeed requirements that business owners put up posters, and willful negligence can lead to fines. However, you can get those posters for free online from the State, and even if you are caught without them you will just be forced to put them up for a first time offense.

If you get a letter like this, don’t pay what they demand.

This is a nationwide problem. Consumer advocates from Clark Howard to Bill Gephardt have been talking about similar scams for years now. But the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to stay alert. If you get something that sounds funny, call somebody to find out if it is a real deal. If you do your homework, you are far less likely to be ripped off.

The Labor Commission Division of Consumer Protection has cited “the Labor Regulatory Compliance Office” for scamming consumers and businesses. If you have received a letter from them or any similar group, please contact the Utah Division of Consumer Protection to file a complaint.


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