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2017 UPRO Classes Now Available

Posted by taylor on December 21st, 2016
2017 UPRO Classes Now Available

The upcoming schedule for UPRO classes has recently been approved for 2017, with classes on Legal Regulations and Maintenance scheduled for the early part of the year.

“These UPRO classes offer a unique opportunity for people in our industry to come discuss some of the issues they face on a regular basis – weather they own a handful of units they manage for themselves, manage a large apartment community, or operate a Property Management company for other owners” according to Taylor Smith, the UAA Education Coordinator in charge of creating the class schedule. “One of the most rewarding parts of the classes have been having the participants talk to each other and share tips, experiences, referrals and ideas. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

The Utah Professional Rental Operators designation provides in depth coverage of what a participant need to know in order to successfully and professionally operate rental housing units in Utah. Eight classes are taught in a continual cycle, with a total of 32 hours of core Real Estate continuing education credit available.

“We have set up the schedule so that if a student can only attend morning or evening classes they will have an opportunity to complete the classes as soon as possible, but also so that if somebody just wants to get the courses done they can take both evening and morning classes and get it finished earlier. And you don’t have to take the classes in any particular order, which helps make the program more flexible for those who can’t make it to every class in order.”

“In 2016 thirty-one UPRO class sessions were held, with more than 200 students attending at least one of the classes. But that is just scratching the surface of the people who could benefit from these classes” said Smith. “And of course, in addition to the great information in the classes themselves, one of the biggest benefits is that once you have completed all eight classes you are eligible to take a test and then receive an official certification that you are a Utah Professional Rental Operator.”

Classes are $59 each, or $399 if you want to sign up for all 8 classes at once. Below is the schedule of classes for the first part of the year. Other classes are expected to come online, so check back frequently. For more information, or to be put on a list to notify of upcoming classes, email

Morning Classes (8:30 AM)

January 20
Legal Regulations

February 17
Legal Procedures

March 17
Advanced Property Management & Investment

April 14
Property Management 101 (Part 1 &Part 2)

Evening Classes (6:00 PM)

February 8
Maintenance & Property Management Resources

April 12
Marketing & Systems


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