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Why Online Reviews Are Worth Your Time

Posted by administrator on July 5th, 2017

Maybe you have a website. At the very least you have apartment listings on multiple rental sites. You may think that one or the other provides applicants with all the information they need: square footage, appliances, amenities, costs, pictures, and a contact number to schedule a time to see the apartment.

But you’d be wrong. As easy as it is for them to find your listing and contact you directly, the majority of applicants will search the web for online reviews. In fact, 90% of applicants read online reviews before making a decision. This is a critical touchpoint you don't want to waste.

What are people saying about you?

The first question you should ask is: Do I know what people are saying about my apartments? Run a quick search and see what comes up. The most used review sites are:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Determine how many good and bad reviews you have. Or if you have any at all.

Reviews are the online version of word-of-mouth. They lend credibility to your apartment community and management team. Good reviews convince others they want to rent from you. Bad reviews will quickly have them running in the other direction. And no reviews at all could be worse than even having bad reviews. If no one’s talking about you, it’s like you don’t exist. With all the online scams, applicants may question your listing’s legitimacy as an actual apartment for rent.

Bad reviews still aren’t good.

Of course, you still don’t want bad reviews. And sadly, people are more motivated to write a bad review than a good one. Not because there aren’t good things to say, but because renters are more willing to find a review site and write down their grievances when they’ve had a disappointing experience.

Getting good reviews.

On the other hand, happy renters are content renters—content to go about their business and not spend extra time and effort finding a review site to praise their landlord. But those are the reviews you want! To get them, you have to ask for them. Of course there’s no guarantee they’ll follow through, and many won’t because of the personal effort and time that would take. If your next thought is to incentivize tenants to leave positive reviews, be careful. Some review sites actually discourage incentives. It’s worth getting a genuine review for the honest impact it will have.

What you need is a solution that allows you to request reviews from your tenants and consistently get new reviews every month. That’s where our expertise can make your life easier. With the GroFire Reviews Tool, you can effortlessly text or email review requests to tenants. All they have to do is leave a star rating and a quick comment or two, and they’re done. Put the review process right at their fingertips, and more tenants will be motivated to leave their good feedback. We can help you get those positive reviews online where other renters can find it.

We can help you get those positive reviews online where other renters can find it. Our Reviews Tool links to multiple sites, including the main ones listed above. With our monthly reporting, you’ll be able to see the current number of reviews on each site, your average star rating and when your last review was posted. We’d love to give you a quick demo. Contact Aaron Cook at or James Webster at We’re also available to talk at 801-794-0020.

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