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Lawn Care For When You’re Not There

Posted by administrator on May 24th, 2018
by Jackie Williams

A low-angle shot of green blades of grass against a background of trees

Spring comes, and summer is on the horizon.  With the warm seasons comes lawn care, but what is rewarding work when you are present becomes unmanageable when you are on vacation.  It is important to have a plan in place to care for your Utah apartment's grass when you leave home; a lawn that dies can take more than a year to regrow.  Here are some tips for ensuring that your lawn does not wilt under the summer heat while you're having fun in the sun.

The Expensive Choice: Professional Care

You cannot overstate the importance of leaving your lawn in the care of someone who knows what they are doing. Landscaping professionals are the quickest and surest way to maintain your lawn and garden when you are not at home. If you have the money to afford a professional, they usually know exactly what your lawn needs after a courtesy once-over.

The Cheaper Choice:  Amateur Assistance

Instead of a professional, an apartment-dweller may ask another tenant, their landlord, or a family friend or neighbor to look after their yard.  In this case, you will need to leave clear instructions as to precisely what you expect of them, and you will need to leave them with the tools to complete the tasks that you require.  Writing a list of what you expect is an important step.

Any such list should include who is responsible for exactly what task.  It should include how to complete that task and the materials required.  Those tasks should consist of weekly weed maintenance, a schedule for watering and fertilizing the lawn, trimming of any bushes, flowers, or trees, maintaining potted plants, and clearing any walkways or building sides of weeds, clutter, or anything that could be a danger to the assistant or any passing pedestrians.

Know the Facts of Lawn Growth and Prepare Before You Go

Not everyone can afford help when it comes to lawn maintenance, even when you're on vacation.  Knowing how fast a lawn is likely to grow and how to prepare for your absence can allow you to take care of the work yourself before you leave.  Lawn growth is rarely an issue if your vacation is going to last for a week or less as the summer heat slows the growth rate of grass.  Mow your yard and do your usual maintenance the day before you leave, and there should be no issues a week later when you return.

If you will be gone for two weeks, then set your mower down a notch before you cut the grass before you leave, and water your grass deeply.  When you return, set your mower up two notches and cut your grass, then set the mower down another notch and cut it a second time.  Water your grass carefully when you return, and it should show signs of life shortly.  If you are gone longer than two weeks, then you should consider one of the above options to help with lawn care over an extended absence.

Lawn care when you are on vacation may sound daunting, but with preparation, it is fairly simple.  If you can afford help, then leaving clear instructions can ensure your lawn is as desired upon a return.  If you cannot afford help, then doing thorough maintenance the day before you leave may still be enough to ensure you return to a well-kept landscape.


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