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Utah Apartment Association Political Action Committee

Ways the UAA PAC has protected and strengthened the rental housing industry

Without the Utah Apartment Association, owners and managers would incur millions of dollars a year in costs, in taxes, fees and regulations. The UAA proactively addresses issues before they become major problems. Here are a few things the UAA has done in the past years to fix problems:

1. Passing a state rent control and prohibition statute so cities like SLC that weren’t allowing landlords to charge tenants an application fee for a background check could not tell landlords what to charge.
2. Prohibiting cities and health departments from requiring safety retrofits to older properties such as CO detectors and fire sprinklers
3. Forcing cities to allow utilities to be paid by either landlords or tenants (cities were making landlords pay utilities)
4. Prohibiting cities from charging inspection fees on landlords
5. Reducing the number of rental inspections being done in Utah by clarifying cities can inspect only at initial licensure and when there is cause or complaint.
6. Requiring the city give separate notice of every separate code violation and time to cure (2012)
7. Requiring cities send notice of any violation not just to the county records address but to a property manager as well.
8. Taking away the right of cities to write fit premises acts or landlord/tenant law (in 2010 we created a standard state act, taking lots of power away from the cities)
9. Requiring cities accept each other’s GL training, reducing cost and hassle for landlords.
10. Prohibiting cities from telling landlords they can’t rent to households with 3 or less unrelated occupants.
11. Decreased the amount of days that a rental owner/manager needs to hold abandoned property from 30 days to 15 days.
12. Assisted the real estate division in modernizing property management regulations to allow referral fees to residents, bonuses to employees, and updated trust account rules.

These accomplishments have saved operators and managers of apartment communities millions of dollars and thousands of hours.

What have you done for me lately

In 2016, the UAA has several significant accomplishments:

  • Housing Authorities: UAA is working with housing authorities to improve customer service and landlord representation on housing boards. Several large housing authorities are in the process of changing policies to accommodate landlords and putting members of the rental housing industry on boards
  • In August UAA persuaded the state board of health to overturn abusive testing rules allowed by Salt Lake Valley Health Department. These “junk science” rules allowed testers to take advantage of property owners by requiring cleanup of units ($5,000 - $10,000 each) that wouldn’t have been required had proper science been used.
  • The Salt Lake Valley Health department was requiring owners clean HVAC vents anytime tenants complained. UAA persuaded the SLVHD they did not have authority to do that.

State of Utah

February - UAAPAC Day at the Hill

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