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UPRO Designation:
Includes all 16 classes, test, certification, 32 hours CE, graduation,
UAA recognition, UPRO distinction (for resume), and PIN
2 Class Package:
Includes 2 classes (the first and second taught on a specific day)
Single Class:
Includes 1 two our class

Utah Professional Rental Operator Series
32 hours of CE for Real Estate Professionals 
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(Each class will repeat a total of 3 times a year)


May 10 | 8:30

Leases & Addendums

May 10 | 10:30
How Owner's Make Money

June 14 | 8:30
Marketing: Curb Appeal, Setting Rent, and Understanding the Market

June 14 | 10:30
Marketing: Advertising and Leasing

June 28 | 8:30
Maintenance: Turnover, HVAC & Appliances

June 28 | 10:30
Maintenance: Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management

September 13 | 8:30
Low Income Housing and Working With Government Agencies

September 13 | 10:30
Property Management Regulations & Management Agreements


Class Description
Tenant Screening This class covers setting rental criteria, tenant risk factors, creating a consistent process for tenant screening, and the application process
Fair Housing & Federal Rental Laws Fair housing issues permeate every aspect of rental housing. Learn best practices and standards to protect yourself, as well as how other federal fair housing laws affect your business
Evictions, Collections, and Utah Landlord-Tenant Law

Utah State law sets up the eviction process, abandoned premise, abandoned property rules and more. Learn everything you need to know about these important parts of the business. 

Utah Fit Premises Act and Tenant's Rights

Utah’s Landlord Tenant Act is called the Fit Premises Act. Learn tenant’s rights and how to comply with this important state law. 

Low Income Housing and Working with Government Agencies

Utah is one of a handful of states where landlords have to accept housing vouchers from the government. Learn how to work with HUD, housing authorities and other government entities.

Property Management Regulations and Management Agreements

The Division of Real Estate has promulgated rules for third party managers that are important for all owners and operators to understand. Learn what the requirements of property managers are and how to stay out of trouble with enforcement agencies.

Leases and Addendums

Understanding rental agreements, addendum and forms is essential to your success. We will walk through all the important contracts and forms you use so will understand and know how to properly use them.

Marketing - Curb Appeal, Setting Rent, and Understanding the Market

Understanding the importance of curb appeals and what renters are looking for, and setting the right price are both essential elements. Learn how to make your properties desirable and develop marketing skills to avoid vacancy loss.

Marketing - Advertising and Leasing

 In our changing world knowing how to find and attract applicants is important. We will also discuss retention and how to always be marketing so you are always profitable

Maintenance - Turnover, HVAC, and Appliances

The biggest cost landlords face is turnover and vacancy loss (down time). Learn how to effectively turnover apartments as well as gain a basic understanding of HVAC and Appliances so you can make cost effective repair decisions.

Maintenance - Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management

In property management, having an effective ongoing and preventative maintenance program is important. Learn how to cost effectively manage your maintenance and maintain/increase the value of your properties.

Risk Protection, Insurance, and Ownership Entities

Sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation? Learn how to manage risk with insurance and ownership entities. 

Liability and Lawsuits - Policies and Procedures

- are the best way to avoid liability. Learn how to build a policies and procedures book for property management, and how to implement practices that will protect you from liability and lawsuits. 

How Owner's Make Money

Learn the 5 benefits of investing in Real Estate, how investments are valued and how property owners and property managers charge.

Property Management Systems and Case Studies

Focused on ethics, record keeping, accounting and tenant communication. Case studies are a way to learn from other’s past experience and pre-craft a response if anything similar happens to you. 

Investment and Financing

Discover how to calculate ROI, CAP rates and evaluate financials. Study financing options and learn how lenders evaluate deals.